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Coles Health Food Overhaul

Coles is changing the way Australians shop for health food at the supermarket, in a move that will make healthier options more accessible in all grocery aisles as well as help make Coles “the destination” for sports nutrition, diet and superfoods products. As part of its health transformation, specialty products traditionally found in the health food aisle such as gluten-free cereals, fodmap friendly soups, oils and nut spreads have moved to their respective aisles, making way for more than 150 new sports performance and health ingredients from some of Australia’s best brands like Muscle Nation, Amazonia Raw and Botanika Blends to launch at Coles supermarkets for the first time.

The expansion of the health aisle comes as ‘sports and diet’ was identified as the fastest growing segment of Coles health foods aisle between 2014 – 2019 and it’s showing no signs of slowing down as customer demand continues to grow for sports nutrition and protein products. Among the overhaul of new products at Coles is a new brand – Coles PerForm – an affordable sports nutrition range of 16 protein powders and bars that are high in protein to help support growth of muscle mass.

Made in Australia and available in both plant-based and whey-based protein, the range includes vanilla, chocolate, berry and salted caramel 35g protein powders for $2 each, bulk-size 750g protein powder for $30 each, and a range of 40g protein bars at $2 each. Coles PerForm supplements and bar formulations are Sports Dietitians Australia approved, the retailer said. (Convenience World 06/8)

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