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Membership is Valuable and Easy

What we do for you

Every company needs to have more than one finger on the pulse of the industry.

Membership of Activate provides highly valued benefits that cannot be found elsewhere.

Membership of Activate is the promotion of your business as a business that has pride in the industry, interest in being heard and ready to have input into the future.

What We Stand For

✓ Fair Working Conditions for Field Teams with consistent work and generous support from employers, clients and retailers. Recognition of the essential work that field teams provide to the industry.

✓ Best Practice policies for Outsourced Services, promoting both the value of and the cost savings to be found through professional outsourced companies.

✓ Talent Development – building a sustainable industry through training, industry knowledge and career path transparency.

The Benefits For Your Company

  • A network of businesses that share the same concerns and passions for the industry giving you instant access to information and support when you need it the most.
  • A strong and supportive Administration that will keep you informed and provide you with links to others who can help your business to stay at the forefront of the industry. When retailers need help they come to the Activate office where you are instantly represented.
  • Regular industry updates on local and global markets that provide quick information on what is happening in the development of global retail markets and what will be coming to your business in the near future.
  • Access to limited industry events where information is delivered, exclusively to members, by leading figures across the retail markets. Information not available anywhere else.
  • Input through Activate on the development of retailer policies that may affect your business both negatively and positively. Assurance that your interests as a provider are being heard and that representation is respected by the retail leaders.
  • Being part of a dynamic and competitive group of businesses that have a common interest in keeping the industry moving forward while protecting the investments they have made. You cant do it all by yourself!
  • Representation to other leading industry groups such as the AFGC giving you an added voice on industry matters.
  • Direct involvement in the Joe Berry Award for young executives in the Australian retail industry. This globally renown award, supported by both retailers and suppliers, is in its 35 year and will be strong for many years to come. You can give back to the industry by supporting the leaders of the future.

Trusted and supported by good company

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