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Empowering Your Industry Voice

Elevate your business with a collective voice in the industry, taking advantage of the comprehensive support for your field teams.

A Voice For Members

Operating as a member Group allows Activate to be known as a representative voice within the industry. By constantly taking in the position of its members, Activate can be both proactive and reactive to trends, developments, policies and crises in the industry. A simple case of being stronger as a group.

Collectively Heard

Having a strong voice of your own can be useful, but having a collective voice has much greater power and ensures that the leaders of the industry hear what you have to say. Being a member of Activate makes sure you are heard, promoted and respected.

Activate Group

Activate is open to all companies in the retail industry who provide services to retail stores. This includes merchandising, sales and marketing, data -IT, brand owners and non-food services.

Keith Quigg

CEO, Activate Group Australia

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