Representing Members in the Industry

Operating as a member Group allows Activate to be known as a representative voice within the industry. By constantly taking in the position of its members, Activate can be both proactive and reactive to trends, developments, policies and crises in the industry. A simple case of being stronger as a Group.
Activate will have a full calendar of events and publications that provide ongoing reminders to the industry of the role played by member companies and their expansive field teams. These actions will be backed by strong data, expert opinion and well directed communications that represent the needs of the Group.
Having a voice of your own can be successful sometimes. Having a collective voice has much greater power and ensures that the leaders of the industry hear what you have to say. Being a member of Activate makes sure you are heard, promoted and respected.

Our 3 Step Process

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Our role is to be your industry Voice

Everything that we do as Activate is about keeping a balance in the industry. Making sure that the services members provide is recognized and respected equally to retailers, suppliers and marketers.

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