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Activate Investigates Vaccinations

Activate Directors have also moved to connect with the retailers and discuss the vaccination of service teams, in line with retailer programs. There has been a wide application of rules concerning people movements and store entry procedures since the start of the pandemic. Specifically, while various groups are recognized as essential services, they are not always included in the application of restrictions.

Australian retailers have been quick to employ additional staff to cover both panic buying ordeals and for the smooth flow of goods across the states. Equally, the support from the thousands of merchandisers has helped keep the stores in good condition while keeping their income intact. What is not clear though is a comprehensive and inclusive set of protocols for access to stores to provide the essential services. This is now the board’s objective.

To date response from retailers has been positive and discussion on both inclusion for merchandisers and others in programmed vaccination hubs and clear rules for store entry are in play. Rules for fully vaccinated service teams is essential for the industry.

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