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Essential Service to Retail

Activate Members are companies who have extensive retail experience and well-trained teams working every day in stores to keep products and brands at the forefront. Their role is to represent client companies within agreed parameters and to make every advantage available to the brands represented.


Collectively Activate members employ over 20,000 merchandisers across Australia and regularly cover in excess of 95% of major stores.

Merchandisers are fully trained, supervised and technologically efficient ensuring that your products have constant attention and quality representation. 

Brand Building

Activate Members teams are an essential part of the marketing bringing the product to the shelf and making sure that advertising is maximised by having product available and promotions visible.

This allows your business to continue to develop new products and enter new markets knowing that the in-store priorities are covered.

Information & Technology

Feedback is crucial for brand building and market share growth. Our Member companies all have solid technological systems that enable fast two-way communication ensuring the delivery of that information to you and your marketing teams is quick and accurate.

Activate Updates

Insights,  data, statistics, and opinions


Big Problems in Breaking Majors

Business groups say the Greens’ plan to break up major supermarket chains found to be abusing their market power would have a “chilling effect” on


No Paradigms in Outsourcing

Changes of government can often bring a more intense cost-creep to business as the philosophy of the new cabinet comes into play. Such is the


Walmart Shares Solutions

Walmart has entered into a partnership with software firm Salesforce to provide other retailers with access to leading technologies and


Majors Set Price Locks

Supermarket giants Coles and Woolies will drop the price of hundreds of popular grocery products until after Easter in a


JB HIFI Record Sales

Shoppers have flocked to JB Hi-Fi to buy TVs, computers and white goods in the past six months as the

Activate Group

Activate is open to all companies in the retail industry who provide services to retail stores. This includes merchandising, sales and marketing, data -IT, brand owners and non-food services.

Keith Quigg

CEO, Activate Group Australia

Industry Impact

Activate members represent clients in supermarkets, food service, pharmacy, hardware and general merchandise. Our members cover stores across the country providing merchandising, instore reporting, promotional and display activity, price checks, product launches, relays and presentation to major category buyers.


The consumer has great access through technology to find details about products. What the consumer wants the most is to be able to find the product, instore, when they are ready to make a purchase.


Having your product properly displayed and priced is the best way of gaining shopper’s attention. Activate member’s teams are constantly making sure that products are at the shopper’s fingertips.


As an Activate member, you’ll have access to high performance systems that provide real-time data and analytics, while tracking the progress of brand schedules and product dynamics.

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