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Activate Industry Report

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Bringing a greater understanding of the services available to the retail industry is both strategic and necessary.

The Activate Industry Report provides data, statistics, opinion, and thought leadership on Grocery, Pharmacy, Liquor, Convenience, and Hardware markets.

This report provides evidence on why greater collaboration is a necessity for this industry and how that collaboration can be achieved. It is the voice of the retail industry that is itself brought about through collaboration.

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    Activate members represent clients in supermarkets, food service, pharmacy, hardware and general merchandise. Our members cover stores across the country providing merchandising, instore reporting, promotional and display activity, price checks, product launches, relays and presentation to major category buyers.



    The consumer has great access through technology to find details about products. What the consumer wants the most is to be able to find the product, instore, when they are ready to make a purchase. Activate members make that connection.



    Shoppers make many decisions while they are instore on impulse and from shopping lists. Having your product properly displayed and properly priced is the best way of gaining shopper’s attention. Activate member’s teams are constantly making sure that products are at the shopper’s fingertips.



    Activate is all of the tasks needed to keep product dynamic and their makers informed. Activate members have quality systems that can provide up-to-the-minute information and track the progress of brand schedules. All done with integrity and speed.

    Essential Service to Retail

    Activate Members are companies who have extensive retail experience and well-trained teams working every day in stores to keep products and brands at the forefront. Their role is to represent client companies within agreed parameters and to make every advantage available to the brands represented.


    Collectively Activate members employ over 20,000 merchandisers across Australia and regularly cover in excess of 95% of major stores. Merchandisers are fully trained, supervised and technologically efficient. This combination ensures that your products have constant attention, quality representation and that competition is always on a level field. Most of all the merchandising teams employed by our members have speed to market, a most important part of their role.

    Merchandising through Activate Members delivers quality, integrity, technology and real-time information allowing your business to be at its best.


    Your marketing teams spend many hours making sure that your products have strong attraction with consumers through advertising and visibility.

    Activate Members teams are an essential part of the marketing bringing the product to the shelf and making sure that advertising is maximised by having product available and promotions visible.

    This combination builds brands and allows your business to continue to develop new product and new markets knowing that the instore priorities will be activated.


    Feedback is crucial for brand building and market share growth. Our Member companies all have solid technological systems that enable fast two-way communication. Their gathering of information, analysis of the information and the provision of other field data is without peer. Their teams are all experienced in data collection and they know when both documented and photographic information is needed. Better still, the delivery of that information to you and your marketing teams is quick and accurate. What better way to keep your brands moving!



      Membership of Activate is open to all companies in the retail industry who provide services to retail stores. This includes merchandising, sales and marketing, data -IT, brand owners and non-food services. There are many benefits to being a member of Activate including close contact with the industry, access to wide networks of information, regular industry news, exclusive interviews and podcasts and lobbying support during crisis times.

      ✓ Fair working Conditions for Teams
      ✓ Best Practice policies for Outsourced Services
      ✓ Talent Development – building a sustainable industry.

      Membership also include support for the globally prestigious Joe Berry Award which is owned and run by Activate members. Your chance to give back to the industry that has been your career.